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Families for a Better Plan for Congestion is a community grassroots coalition led by concerned families located in Battery Park City and beyond including the Financial District, Chinatown, and the Lower East Side.

What we are working on:

Demanding a Better Plan for Congestion

Resilience runs deep in Battery Park City and our focus on keeping our families safe is our number one focus. Today, we stand united, voicing our concerns about the Central Business District Tolling Program. This plan reaches far beyond our streets; it could set a precedent for congestion pricing strategies nationwide.

We demand transparency and accountability. That’s why we call for the completion of an Environmental Impact Statement, ensuring our safety and protecting the well-being of communities everywhere. Together, let’s forge a future where every voice matters and environmental justice prevails.

200+ residents in our coalition

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About us

A History of Community Service

We have a longstanding history of families helping families across Lower Manhattan:


UPK Waivers

We formed a coalition of residents to coordinate UPK waivers from the Department of Education, City Council and Manhattan Borough President and provide educational transfers for Battery Park City families in 2022 for families.


Safety Patrols

We formed a coalition of Lower Manhattan residents to collaborate with the New York Police Department and Mayor’s Office to ensure an increase patrols around Lower Manhattan Subways in 2021 to combat the rash of Asian hate crimes and subway incidents.


Community Engagement

We founded BatteryParkCity.com as a community service for residents and small business in and around the Battery Park City area to provide local news alerts and correspondence from officials post-9/11 and during times of emergencies including Hurricane Sandy and the blackout.


Community Service

We have a deep commitment to community service. We have volunteered our own time for causes that have a community focus for our families such as Visiting Nurse Service and Girl Scouts of America.

Get Involved

Volunteer your time or services for a concern you’d like addressed in our neighborhood. Be counted as one of the families fighting for children in BPC and beyond.